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Airline Webinar Series Recordings and Materials

Aerospace|Climate|Cyber Risk Management

April 25, 2022

Our 2022 webinar programme provided the global airline industry with an opportunity to discuss the ways aviation can stabilise its future, and how WTW provides innovative insurance solutions for our clients.

Should you wish to revisit a webinar session you can access and download the recordings below. For any questions about the programme, please contact Patrick Richardson.

IATA: Industry restart update plus safety data and trends

Wednesday 23 March 2022

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During this webinar, IATA provided the latest industry data and looked at the trends behind the facts.


Blair Cowles, Regional Director of Safety and Flight Operations, Asia-Pacific, IATA

Jose R. Fernandez de la Morena, Assistant Director of Operations, Safety and Security, Asia-Pacific, IATA

David Boyle, Regional Director Global Aerospace Asia, WTW

Data-driven transformation: Three practical perspectives

Thursday 24 March 2022

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This webinar featured data-driven transformation from three perspectives: an airline’s, an underwriter’s, and WTW’s own experience of harnessing data, with each speaker sharing their practical insight on how to mobilise information for significant and positive change.


Joe Tunstall, Senior Risk Manager and Head of Insurance, easyJet

Paul Cooper, Deputy Head of Aerospace, Convex

Mike Hansen, Head of Aerospace, Convex

Karim Sfeir, Executive Director, WTW

Simon Toms, Executive Director, WTW

Climate and ESG implications for the airline industry

Tuesday 29 March 2022

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During this webinar, the panel discussed climate risk and ESG and the increasing pressure on creating environmental solutions within the aviation industry.


Moderator: Rowan Douglas CBE, Head of Climate and Resilience Hub, WTW

Joe Tunstall, Senior Risk Manager and Head of Insurance, easyJet

Professor Andreas W. Schäfer, Professor of Energy and Transport at the UCL Energy Institute, University College London

Rachel Delhaise, Group Head of Sustainability, Convex

Tony Rooke, Climate and Resilience Hub, WTW

Karen Larbey, Global Head of Industry, Aerospace, WTW

Everything you need to know about airline cyber insurance

Wednesday 30 March 2022

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During this webinar, WTW’s Cyber team discussed airline cyber risk and insurance, the challenges of obtaining suitable cover and how best to transfer your risk.


Jamie Monck-Mason, Executive Director Cyber, WTW

Olivia Lovitt, Lead Associate Cyber, WTW

John Rooley, CEO Global Aerospace, WTW

D&O insurance: From recent turmoil, looking to a brighter future?

Thursday 31 March 2022

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This webinar, delivered by WTW’s D&O insurance expert, discussed the pricing changes within the D&O insurance market whilst considering the potential for a more positive future.


Angus Duncan, Executive Director D&O, WTW

Simon Knechtli, Managing Director Aerospace, WTW

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