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Understanding the business risks and opportunities of climate change

Learn how to manage physical and transitional climate risk.

By Irem Yerdelen , Olivia Palin and Tony Rooke | June 30, 2021

Our experts and a global mining company highlight ways to manage physical and transitional climate risk.
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Climate Risk and Resilience

The need to support an orderly transition to a low carbon, resilient economy is upon us. The business impacts of climate change connect across regulatory, physical and operational considerations, from financial reporting to infrastructure and supply chain security, to reputational and brand value to employee and community license. Addressing climate change may seem a difficult burden, but it also presents an opportunity to re-align business strategies for the future.

In this webcast, host Irem Yerdelen, Director of Corporate Client Engagement at Willis Towers Watson’s Climate and Resilience Hub interviews Fiona Wild, Vice President, Sustainability and Climate Change at BHP, on BHP’s climate change journey and its approach to disclosure and climate reporting. Olivia Palin, Associate Director of Research at Willis Towers Watson’s Climate and Resilience Hub, who is on secondment to BHP, joins the discussion and shares some reflections on approaches to physical climate risk.

The broadcast also features a conversation with Tony Rooke, Director, Climate Transition Risk and Co-Lead Corporate Climate Services at Willis Towers Watson, about steps organizations can take towards achieving the objectives set by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), managing climate change risks and opportunities, and approaches to transition strategy, science-based targets, net-zero and ESG disclosure.

Companies that proactively manage their exposure to climate change will inevitably fare better over time, but to be successful they must incorporate climate risk in their strategy.”

Irem Yerdelen | Willis Towers Watson

Director, Corporate Client Engagement Leader, Climate And Resilience Hub In Americas, Willis Towers Watson

Associate Director of Research, Climate Resilience Hub

Director, Climate Transition Risk, Climate and Resilience Hub, Willis Towers Watson

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