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Willis Research Network Newsletter – Q3 2019

August 5, 2019

In this summer newsletter, you will find a selection of topics showing the variety of research partnerships facilitated by the Willis Research Network (WRN).

In this summer newsletter, you will find a selection of topics showing the variety of research partnerships facilitated by the Willis Research Network (WRN).

  • We are delighted to announce a couple of new initiatives: one on volcanic ash cloud forecasting (MITIGA), and one on hail modelling (NASA).
  • We also pride ourselves on the continuation of fruitful collaboration with long-standing WRN members: on tsunami, earthquake and climate research.
  • And it isn’t all about the natural world: people and technology risks are an increasingly important research focus – see our work on geopolitical risk and cyber.

As ever, if you would like to discuss any of those projects further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your usual Willis Towers Watson point of contact, or with the WRN team.

Table of Contents

  1. 01

    The 2019 WRN Seismic Risk Seminar

    Rosa Sobradelo | August 5, 2019

    A recent seismic risk seminar in London showcased the latest science funded by the WRN and how it is supporting reinsurance, capital and original risk underwriting decisions. Read the article

  2. 02

    Hurricane watch

    Geoffrey Saville | August 5, 2019

    The 2019 hurricane season is underway with two storms in the Atlantic, one of which made landfall (Barry). Willis Research Network (WRN) partners at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) continue to support event response activity with seasonal forecasting information and live event commentaries, as well as insights from their relevant research. Read the article

  3. 03

    Increasing societal resilience to Tsunami Risk

    Rosa Sobradelo, Shigeko Tabuchi and Saki Yotsui | August 5, 2019

    Through the Willis Research Network (WRN), Willis Re has worked closely with Tohoku University in Japan since 2010, improving the understanding and quantification of tsunami risk in south-east Asia. We provide an update on the recent research focus: assessment of multi-layered tsunami countermeasures; and insights into "black" tsunamis. Read the article

  4. 04

    Climate risk research

    Geoffrey Saville and Jonathon Gascoigne | August 5, 2019

    Climate change and climate risk have become top topics of discussion within the (re)insurance market. Colleagues across Willis Towers Watson are coordinating their efforts, research and advisory services in order to help our clients respond promptly to all their climate-related regulatory and business pressures. Read the article

  5. 05

    RUSI Modern Deterrence Conference: societal defence and resilience

    Andreas Haggman | August 5, 2019

    The annual conference of our Modern Deterrence programme at RUSI provided insights into civilian, political and military responsibilities when facing the range of modern threats, from cyber-attacks and disinformation campaigns to power outages and wildfires. Read the article

  6. 06

    NATO Cyber Wargaming Workshop

    Andreas Haggman | August 5, 2019

    Games can be much more than a jovial pastime. Beyond academia, the power of wargames has been recognised by various of professions, in particular for cyber security. This is why the Willis Research Network (WRN) continues to get involved in cyber wargaming workshops, e.g. the recent event organised by NATO in Germany. Read the article

  7. 07

    UCL's EPICentre Encounters

    Rosa Sobradelo | August 5, 2019

    The Willis Research Network (WRN) and Willis Re talk about the role of science to inform business decisions at the UCL EPICentre encounters. The two-day knowledge exchange event in London was meant to bring together researchers, academics, practitioners and industry partners working at the nexus between risk, environmental hazards and the built environment. Read the article

  8. 08

    MITIGA Solutions: Volcanic ash cloud forecasting for air traffic management

    Rosa Sobradelo | August 5, 2019

    Our new partnership with MITIGA Solutions (offshoot of the Barcelona Computer Centre) will provide leading-edge volcanic ash cloud and sandstorm forecasting to inform air traffic management. Read the article

  9. 09

    Expanding hail modelling with KIT and NASA

    Geoffrey Saville and Hannah Frost | August 5, 2019

    Willis Research Network (WRN) partner Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are helping Willis Re expand hail risk modelling capabilities to South Africa, as part of a broader NASA science initiative. This on-going research naturally draws from the rich experience developed both by Willis Re and KIT in building the European Hail Model. Read the article

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For more information

On any of the research above or other WRN projects, please get in touch with our team or visit our website.

  • Geoffrey Saville – WRN Senior Research Manager: For weather and climate related risks.
  • Rosa Sobradelo – WRN Senior Research Manager: For seismic and volcanic risks.
  • Hélène Galy – WRN Director: For emerging risks, general enquiries and getting involved.
  • Setareh Mayel Afshar – WRN Marketing Coordinator: For general enquiries.
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