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Disaster Prep: Flood evaluation and recovery plan

June 3, 2021

In this installment of Disaster Prep, we focus on flood evaluation and recovery planning to protect your electrical equipment and worksite in the event of a flood.
Disaster Response Center

Incidents due to floodwaters can be especially destructive, particularly to electrical equipment. Water is destructive and the need to protect all equipment/machinery from a flood is critical — electrical equipment impacted by floodwaters may be damaged by chemicals, petroleum products and sea water that can leave corrosive residue. These contaminants can cause shock, fires or electrocution hazards upon reenergizing immediately — or remain a hazard in the future.

Don’t assume water-damaged electrical equipment can be simply dried, cleaned and reused. Instead, follow these tips to secure and recover your electrical equipment in the event of a flood. Download our flood evaluation and recovery plan at the top or bottom of the page for tips to secure and recover your electrical equipment including:

  • De-energizing electrical equipment
  • Consulting qualified electrical personnel
  • Testing, repairing and replacing equipment
  • Implementing a business continuity plan

Also see our post-flood safety and security guide to exercise precautions in building re-entry post flood.

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