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Under pressure to remain relevant, employers look to modernize the employee value proposition

Global Findings Report: 2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards, and Global Workforce Studies

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September 9, 2016

The rapid rise in the use of technology is allowing employers to deconstruct and disperse work across a global, virtual workplace. This phenomenon is reshaping the nature of work, often redefining how and by whom work gets done. In addition, the accelerated pace of innovation, shifting demographics and increasing demands for transparency in many areas, including rewards, are contributing to profound workplace shifts.

Employers are restless to remain relevant in such a dynamic environment. To attract, retain and engage high-value talent, it’s time to move beyond the default models, expectations and practices of the past.

Employers in emerging economies find it difficult to attract employees with...

Source: 2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards Study

Insights from our recent employer and employee research reveal a modernization agenda emerging as employers are driven to take a more modern, agile approach to the development of the employee value proposition. However, employers don’t yet fully understand the implications for their business of today’s ever-shifting workplace and new employment relationships. The pace at which organizations are able to enhance talent management strategies and employee reward programs, and deliver on this modernization agenda, will become a key differentiator of organizational success.

In this report, we present the most significant findings of two complementary studies designed to capture employee and employer perspectives on critical issues and trends in this new world of work.

  • The 2016 Global Workforce Study measures the attitudes of a representative sample of over 31,000 employees around the globe to provide a detailed view into employees’ expectations and concerns.
  • The 2016 Global Talent Management and Rewards Study captures the perspectives of over 2,000 employers — who collectively employ nearly 21 million people worldwide — on attraction, retention, and engagement issues at the heart of the employment deal and total rewards strategy.

The findings from this research will guide employers in their efforts to develop a modern employee value proposition and deliver a meaningful employee experience. Doing both effectively will go a long way toward reducing turnover, improving engagement levels, and increasing productivity and financial performance.

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