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Aerospace Manufacturers

With an increase in aircraft production and a higher demand for component parts, it is essential to choose a strategic partner who understands the changing face of risk throughout the manufacturing life cycle.

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Our global network of aviation experts work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), component and primary manufacturers to consider all stages of the manufacturing process; from research development and design, through to testing, delivery and after sales.

We understand how the risk landscape may impact your operations, from regulatory complexity and geopolitical uncertainty to supply chain responsibility and advancements in technology.

Human factors - Turning human behaviour from a risk to a strategic asset; Liability and reputational - Product failure and/or recall; Supply chain - Dependence on third party suppliers; Economic landscape - Ability to keep pace with technological change; Socio-political - Adherence to local laws and regulations; Cyber - Cyber attack or failure of critical IT systems
The changing face of risk
Research and development - Design and engineering - Manufacturing - Assembly and testing - Delivery - After-sale support
... throughout the manufacturing life cycle

By listening to your requirements up front, we’re able to provide professional advice and support so that your team can make informed decisions helping you to manage your risk, reduce costs and drive growth.

Our service proposition reflects our commitment to be an industry leading insurance broker for aerospace OEMs and manufacturers:

  • Experienced service team
  • Global capabilities
  • Loss control services
  • Contractual expertise
  • Broking excellence
  • Market intelligence and long-standing insurer relationships
  • Client facing technology and IT risk management platforms
  • Reliable risk analytics
  • Data-driven insights
  • Client training courses
  • Tailored emergency reponse preparedness and business continuity
  • Exceptional claims handling:
    • Act as an advocate for our clients with insurers and third parties
    • Evaluate the reasonableness of reserves
    • Contribute to claims defense strategies
    • Support development of claims procedure manuals
    • Streamline claims notification procedures
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