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Willis Research Network Team

Rowan Douglas

Chairman of Willis Research Network

Rowan Douglas

Rowan is the Head of Climate and Resilience Hub at Willis Towers Watson, supporting the management, regulation and financing of risks from climate, terrorism, cyber and other perils. Previously, he served on the Board of the Group's reinsurance division, Willis Re, as CEO Global Analytics and was appointed onto the UK Prime Minister's Council for Science & Technology 2011-2016. He founded the Insurance Development Forum with the World Bank, UN and global industry leaders in 2015 to address the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreements. He was made CBE in 2016 for services to the economy through risk, insurance and sustainable growth.

Hélène Galy

Managing Director of Willis Research Network
Head of People Risks Research

Hélène Galy

Hélène joined Willis in 1998, specialising in natural hazard modelling and reinsurance optimisation. Since 2001, she has been leading multi-disciplinary teams, who research, design and develop analytical solutions and insights for risk identification, quantification and management. She currently leads the Willis Research Network, an award-winning public-private partnership, which harnesses over 60 science partners to form innovative long-term collaborations, improving our understanding of risks (natural hazards, technological risks, geopolitical drivers of risk) for the benefit of clients and society: using science to support resilience.

Hélène has extensive experience in spatial modelling, design of innovative solutions, and applying science to business challenges. Her current focus is on Climate advisory services (advising corporates on how leading-edge climate research can help them quantify their exposure to climate variability and climate change; exploring the links between climate change and national security) and on People Risks (how people can increase vulnerability or improve resilience: terrorism, societal resilience to systemic risks, including pandemics).

She holds a BSc in Economics & Political Science (Sciences Po), and an MSc in Environmental Economics (UCL).

Stuart Calam

Programme Director of Willis Research Network
Head of Technology Risks Research

Stuart Calam

Stuart joined the Willis Research Network team in 2012, taking on the overarching program management of the network. His primary focus is on establishing and strengthening the framework for engaging and delivering research from the Willis Research Network partners for our Willis Towers Watson colleagues and clients. He also provides management and oversight of the operational running of the Willis Research Network

Stuart’s background is in project and program management. Prior to joining Willis Towers Watson he worked in the UK, Asia and North America with multi-functional teams managing large scale change and technology programs of work. He holds a BSc in Geography from Manchester Metropolitan University and various accreditations in Project / Program Management.

Geoffrey Saville

Head of Weather and Climate Risks Research

Geoffrey Saville

Geoff joined Willis Towers Watson in 2013, and works with the Willis Research Network stakeholders and academic partners to match business needs to the latest in scientific research, and derive tangible outputs for Willis Towers Watson to help advise its clients to advance their understanding of risk from weather and climate related hazards.

His background is in meteorology and climate science, having worked in forecasting for over a decade for the UK Met Office and Bermuda Weather Service, in all aspects of delivering forecast services from media broadcasting to delivering warnings and actionable guidance on extreme weather phenomena such as tropical cyclones and heavy rainfall leading to flooding.

He holds a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia, and a Masters (with distinction) in Climate Change from University College London. He is also an active Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Nalan Senol Cabi

Head of Flood Risks Research

Nalan Senol Cabi

Nalan Senol Cabi is the Flood Risks Hub Leader in the Willis Research Network (WRN) and is responsible for bridging academic research into insights that will support decision-making processes to accommodate business needs.

She has worked extensively in the flood risk arena for more than a decade. She joined Willis Towers Watson in 2016. In her previous role at Willis Re, she was responsible for interpreting and assessing catastrophe risk models related to flood. She provided expertise on model validation of vendor and in-house flood models. She also provided knowledge and direction for client specific bespoke solutions to understand and manage flood risk in international territories.

Nalan spent five years as a Senior Hydraulic Engineer on developing catastrophe flood models. She has worked extensively in the flood hazard component of inland flood models, specifically in hydraulic modelling, quality assurance/quality check processes and hazard validation and calibration.

Prior to that, Nalan was employed at engineering consulting and design companies in the US as a Civil/Water Resources Engineer where she spent five years performing engineering tasks associated with hydrologic/hydraulic analysis, flood modelling calibration and validation, distribution/collection systems design, and stormwater management practices.

Nalan has earned her second M.Sc. in Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA and her first M.Sc. in Hydromechanics at Middle East Technical University Ankara, Turkey. She holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

Nalan is a licensed Professional Engineer in Civil Engineering in the State of Massachusetts, Certified Floodplain Manager and Certified Catastrophe Modeller.

Lucy Stanbrough

Head of Emerging Risks Research

Lucy Stranbrough

Lucy Stanbrough MSc, BSc, is the Head of Emerging Risks Research at the Willis Research Network. Prior to joining the Research Network, she worked for the Innovation team at Lloyd’s on a range of thought leadership projects and market communities, including: cyber scenarios; virtual reality; NewSpace; city resilience; synthetic biology; climate related risks and disaster risk finance.

Before joining the insurance industry Lucy spent over 10 years as a natural hazards and GIS consultant, alongside working at the UCL Hazard Centre. Lucy has contributed to a number of books on the use of technology and online systems pre, during, and post-disaster. She maintains an interest in the integration of scientific knowledge to business applications, and connecting knowledge to people, and people to knowledge.

Simon Sølvsten

Head of Exposure and Vulnerability Research

Simon Sølvsten

Simon Sølvsten is Head of Exposure and Vulnerability Research at Willis Research Network. He holds several degrees starting as trained electrician, Certified Security installer, Degree in Leadership and Management, Certified Security Manager ®, CFPA, Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, MSc in Economics and Business Administration and the temporary degree of Ph.D. candidate under the completion of his Ph.D. in Business Economics with focus and risk management and insurance. His broad theoretical background and practical experience make him a valuable partner within academia and in the industry.

Simon joined legacy Willis, Denmark, in 2013, and has before joining the Willis Research network taken on various roles as Security Management Adviser, Practice Leader - Security Management, Practice Leader – Analytics.

Sangita Keshavan

Weather and Climate Research Analyst

Sangita joined Willis Research Network in 2021. In her role as weather and climate research analyst at the WRN, she examines socioeconomic factors that impact the transition risks associated with climate change, and the economic, financial, and societal ramifications of climate change. She researches and consults on the financial instruments that can be used to manage these risks and on tools for risk estimation that consider climate change’s impact on the economy. Sangita studied at Tufts University, where she obtained a BA in Economics, and at the London School of Economics, where she obtained an MSc in Environmental Economics & Climate Change. She previously worked for AIR Worldwide.

James Dalziel

Head of Earth Risk Research

James Dalziel

James Dalziel joined the Willis Research Network in 2021 as the Head of Earth Risk Research, supporting their work in fields including seismic, volcanic and tsunami-related hazard. Prior to joining the Willis Research Network, James has over 6 years’ experience in the Geotechnical Engineering industry, working with a range of geological hazards such as slope stability, flooding, sinkholes, soil and groundwater contamination. He has also had experience in academia researching volcanic and seismic-related hazards.

James holds a BSc in Geology, an MSc in Volcanology and Geological Hazards, and is currently completing a part-time Masters by Research in Geology with a project focus on Volcanology, Seismology and Geophysics. He is also a Fellow of the Geological Society of London, and is working towards becoming a Chartered Geologist.

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