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Absenteeism solutions SAC (Specialized absence control)

The best suited absenteeism solutions for employers where the focus is on optimum employability of employees.

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The best-fit absenteeism service for medium-sized and large employers who do not want a traditional approach to absenteeism and where the focus is really on optimum employability of employees.

Employers struggle with absenteeism

Many organisations have insufficient grip on long-term and complex absenteeism. Employers are often dissatisfied with their current health & safety services provider. They also struggle with their obligations to reintegrate employees and to comply with the privacy regulations (AVG). Many employers are looking for a way to deal with this more effectively within the organisation. This starts with choosing services that fit the size of the organisation and their specific problems. At the request of various employers, we have developed high-quality and effective absenteeism solutions.

The best approach

WTW's absenteeism solutions (SAC) responds to the changing absence landscape in which shortages of company doctors, medicalization and rising healthcare costs are current and crucial topics. The legislation and regulations in the Netherlands make that employers experience a heavy burden in the field of absenteeism. What is the best approach? WTW uses an integrated personal approach in combination with innovative technology and a sophisticated working method. We shape the absenteeism policy together with the organisation and do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our starting point is simple: we do what is necessary for the employee and the employer, so that optimal employability can be achieved.

WTW is the proactive business partner for wellbeing, prevention, absenteeism, and WGA

We offer combination possibilities in the areas of insurance solutions, dossier advice & risk assessment WIA, risk management, policy advice and WGA case management.

How it works

Total approach

WTW helps employers to limit the risks of absenteeism and the inflow into the WIA. We look at absenteeism, but also at prevention, incapacity for work and getting a financial grip on social security and the related cash flows.

Flexibly deployable

We can adjust our services modularly to the needs of the organisation. Our case managers mainly support employers in long-term and complex absenteeism cases. Our Health Consultants advise on prevention, absence policy and sustainable employability.

Effective support

Our professional support ensures that complex and long-term absenteeism gets the right attention with the aim of effective reintegration of the employee. An extensive triage system in combination with our 'Self Learning System' is used to determine whether there is a short or complex long-term absence. We also use this system to predict the duration of absenteeism, signaling, prevention, deployment and monitoring of interventions, and risk prediction for the influx of WIA/WGA.

Quick follow-up

In case of complex and long-term absenteeism, our company doctor is quickly deployed for a thorough analysis of the absenteeism problem. If necessary, the employee is referred for treatment or examination. The follow-up of the medical assistance in case of absence is carried out by our task delegate who works under the supervision of the company doctor. Our task delegate focuses primarily on the individual situation of the employee and calls in the company doctor if the medical situation changes. The supervisor is responsible for the (short-term) absenteeism guidance, if desired supported by case managers of WTW.


Trends and developments are provided to the employer for evaluation and to sharpen policies where necessary. Through close involvement with your organisation, we have an overview of absenteeism, prevention, and incapacity for work. The ultimate result is lower costs, higher quality and improved employability and wellbeing of employees. With our streamlined and innovative approach, we can achieve savings of up to 25% compared to traditional occupational health and safety services. We advise and manage in terms of scope, progress, and results.

Reduce absenteeism risks and improve employee wellbeing with an integrated approach and streamlined process

Choose an approach that focuses on what is necessary for both the employee and the employer: a personal approach combined with innovative technology and a sophisticated working method.

Curious to meet our team? We would be happy to make an appointment with you to further discuss the options. Upon sending your details, one of our consultants will contact you shortly.

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