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Investors, customers, employees, vendors, community groups, legislators and regulators are demanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) actions. Organizations are increasing their focus on overall impact while addressing key stakeholder needs. As you connect your ESG and sustainability efforts to company purpose and business priorities, the opportunity to reflect that commitment in your people, risk and capital strategies and tactics will become increasingly urgent.

A wide ranging and multifaceted challenge, from managing carbon emissions and environmental stewardship, to enhancing employee wellbeing and diversity, equity and inclusion strategies, to ensuring responsible governance of people, capital and risk issues, ESG requires a coordinated and multidimensional approach to driving performance and managing risk.

Yet too many organizations take a siloed view, seeing ESG goals as a group of distinct challenges and addressing each individually. Often their results fall short of expectations because they lack some foundational elements of a good ESG strategy.

When you get ESG right, you’ll likely find that success builds:

  • Meeting environmental and sustainability goals enables you to move beyond meeting regulators’ requirements. It helps you satisfy a range of stakeholders – employees and prospective candidates, communities, among others – and future-proof your organization.
  • By committing to employee wellbeing, DEI, reskilling and upskilling, you strengthen your brand, better positioning you to attract, engage and retain top talent.
  • And with good governance you ensure risks are mitigated and ESG is well executed – a virtuous cycle that unlocks further opportunity.

Good ESG is simply good business. It creates a sustainable tomorrow for generations to come. It brings equity to the underserved and builds resilience among the vulnerable. And it serves as the conduit for linking organizational purpose and the path to profit.

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