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Fair Pay

Around the world, organizations are under pressure to demonstrate they are paying fairly. Governments are introducing new legislation, employees are demanding more transparency, and investors want reassurance and action. Employers need better analytics, as well as stronger governance of pay processes and open communication. Employers want to be confident they are paying employees fairly. Many of these issues are interdependent, and all of them require strategic planning and thought. We can help.

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Fair pay is essential to your employee experience. Getting it right supports stronger recruitment and higher retention. It speaks to your culture and your relationship with employees. Pay without discrimination is also your legal responsibility.

At Willis Towers Watson, we are committed to helping ensure you are confident that your reward management structures and processes are delivering fair pay and legal risks are removed.

We can help with all areas on the fair pay agenda

Removing equal pay issues quickly and effectively

Using market-leading pay equity software (Syndio PayEQ), we identify pay differences in seconds and then help you plan for individual corrective actions and longer-term pay management improvements that remove risk and support fair pay practices. We support clients on a single, multi-market or global basis.

Complying with local regulations

It’s critical for organizations to develop a sustainable approach for new fair pay regulations. We can partner with you on the calculation, interpretation and communication of pay insights. This includes gender pay gap statistics (UK and Ireland), equal pay analyses (Sweden, Germany, Switzerland), pay index (France), and workplace equality plans, wage registries, salary policies (Spain, Portugal) and CEO pay ratios (US and UK).

Meeting minimum wage requirements

We can help you evaluate and plan for minimum wage increases and the adoption of living wage standards in local markets. This includes, for the US and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) purposes, exemption classification reviews, cost modeling, communication and training support.

Ensuring fair and inclusive benefits

As companies address Fair Pay, it is a natural next step to look at benefits. We support clients in several ways from understanding/assessing regulations related to equity and benefits (e.g., parental leave) to helping companies look beyond compliance to improve how their benefit programs offer support to employees regardless of level or demographic. We can help you in the context of traditional and/or broader employee benefits.

Introducing a global fair pay approach

We partner with clients to develop and implement overarching fair pay and benefits principles, common scorecard measures and a global communication approach, linked to your inclusion and diversity agenda.

Why Willis Towers Watson

  • Market-leading analytics combined with practical pay actions and engaging communications
  • Holistic and sustainable approach, equipping you for future years
  • Global reach integrated with broader I&D agenda
  • Local or global scope integrated with broader inclusion and diversity agenda
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