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Webinar: Rethinking your Risk Financing Strategy in a Pandemic Part 2

By David Hill , James Wong , Matthew Frost and Nitin Bhat | November 11, 2020

Our experts share their insights on the intensifying need of companies to relook at their risk financing strategy.
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Rethinking your Risk Financing Strategy in A Pandemic Part 2. Watch our replay to learn more.

In part 2 of the Risk Financing webinar, our experts covered the following:

  • How do you approach risk financing strategy vs renewal strategy?
  • What are the stages of maturity in the risk financing journey and what are the weaknesses of each stage?
  • How can you move towards the strategic phase of the journey and what are the benefits to your company?
  • Why is it critical to take a portfolio view of risks and how can you reach the efficient frontier through risk hedging strategies?
  • How can you leverage both insurance and capital solutions to achieve an integrated, portfolio based risk financing structure

Regional Director, Risk and Analytics
Willis Towers Watson

Partner - Strategic Risk Consulting
Willis Towers Watson

Australasia Regional Leader, Natural Resources

Head of Sales & Client Management, Asia

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