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Compensation and benefits data and market practices reports

Our extensive library of rewards data intelligence content is available for purchase without survey participation, so you can access the data you need to make informed workplace decisions at any time.

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Rewards Data Intelligence

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Research and publications on today’s compensation and benefits trends and market practices

We publish an extensive library of compensation trends and HR market practice reports for a variety of today's most pressing employee experience issues. These reports are available for purchase without survey participation, so you can access the local, country or global pay and benefit data you need when you need it.

Compensation data and trends

Benchmark compensation for positions

Easily benchmark compensation for positions with WTW non-participant compensation reports.

  1. Benchmark Select Compensation Reports

    Benchmark Select Compensation Reports

    Benchmark your pay programs in 46 countries with reliable and convenient compensation data for 250 common jobs across different functions.

  2. Position Pricer Reports

    Position Pricer Reports

    Get prevalent compensation elements for hundreds of individual executive benchmarks and non-executive job disciplines in the U.S. with our single position reports.

Design incentive plans

Competitive data can help inform incentive plan design decisions in an uncertain business environment. Our incentives reports have critical information to help you get compensation right for your workforce.

  1. Annual Incentive Plan Design Reports

    Annual Incentive Plan Design Reports

    Understand prevalent annual incentive plan design practices in Canada and the U.S. including historical payouts, performance metrics, plan funding and features for various organizational levels.

Plan your salary budget

To arrive at the right salary budget, employers must consider a wide variety of external factors including inflation and talent market trends alongside its own internal views on affordability and Total Rewards. WTW reports help you keep pace with the external market as you head into salary budget planning.

  1. Salary Budget Planning Reports

    Salary Budget Planning Reports

    Access a single source for current and anticipated salary increases by industry around the world. Published semiannually in July and December, this report also covers the business outlook, headcount planning and other ad hoc HR topics. Available in both global and regional editions.

Understand how geographic differences affect pay

Geographic location factors into benchmarking pay rates and developing salary ranges for most nonexecutive jobs. WTW data helps you understand geographic salary differentials in today’s rapidly evolving talent market.

  1. Geographic Salary Differentials Reports

    Geographic Salary Differentials Reports

    Manage the costs of expansion and relocation by understanding how employee pay differs across key cities, metropolitan areas and regions. Available in both global and regional editions.

Understand how the market for hot and high demand jobs affects pay

WTW experts keep pace with the latest trends influencing how you pay competitively for hot jobs.

  1. Hot and High-Demand Jobs Report

    Hot and High-Demand Jobs Report

    Understand which jobs are experiencing a surge in demand, top salary increases and pay premiums. Available in the U.S. only.

Employee benefits trends and data

Design employee benefits programs

WTW employee benefits reports provide fresh insights into today’s benefit market, so you can design compelling employee benefit programs for the unique makeup of your workforce.

  1. Benefits Profile Reports

    Benefits Profile Reports

    Navigate complex local, social security and mandatory employee benefits in more than 60 countries with these user-friendly and informative guides. Understand standard social security contribution costs as well as market practices on supplementary plans. Global, region and local reports are available.

  2. Benefits Design Practices Reports

    Benefits Design Practices Reports

    Benchmark your benefits plans in more than 100 countries with access to the most extensive database of benefit plan designs and data, including flexible benefits, health care, perquisites, retirement, employee wellbeing and more.

  3. Company Car Benefits Reports

    Company Car Benefits Reports

    Reference comprehensive car program policy designs and prevalence data including detailed market practices and tax highlights by country for more than 70 countries, and car benefits data by positions including key, industry-specific positions.

Understand a country's Rewards environment for new entry

New ways of working, shifting skill requirements and changing employment relationships are transforming the workplace. Are your Total Rewards keeping up? Use WTW market data to better understand the Total Rewards environment around the world.

  1. Country Starter Kits

    Country Starter Kits

    Opening or expanding operations in a new market? Our country starter kits provide an overview of the local compensation and benefit landscape, including economic, talent and statutory considerations.

  2. Employment Terms and Conditions Reports

    Employment Terms and Conditions Reports

    Ensure compliance with local employment laws in more than 60 countries around the world. Access practical insights on labor laws and regulations from start of employment through to termination. Global, region and local reports are available.

  3. Global 50 Remuneration Planning Report

    Global 50 Remuneration Planning Report

    Stay current on important legislative changes around the world with reliable and consistent compensation, benefits, and economic information across 60 countries. Includes our proprietary salary structures for effortless pay comparison between countries.

HR Policies and HR Practices reports

Understand local HR practices and HR policies

Workplace regulations, policies, and practices vary widely around the world. WTW has its finger on the pulse of local HR practices and policies for hundreds of countries around the world.

  1. HR Policies and Practices Reports

    HR Policies and Practices Reports

    Benchmark your HR policies and practices — including attraction, retention and termination rates, guaranteed and variable payments, sales incentives, working hours and more — in more than 100 countries.

  2. Severance Policies and Practices Reports

    Severance Policies and Practices Reports

    Ensure your severance program is objective and fair with the latest severance pay policies, market practices and other cash and non-cash packages in more than 15 countries.

Workforce planning

Plan your workforce

The way organizations are sourcing talent, defining jobs and designing work is changing, and that makes workforce planning more important than ever. Get a fresh perspective on workforce analytics with WTW workforce analytics reports.

  1. Workforce Analytics Reports

    Workforce Analytics Reports

    Conduct an organizational health check and benchmark your talent structure, employee demographics, diversity and gender pay for eight industries in 29 key markets worldwide. Custom matrixes by function, job level and peer group also are available.

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