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Ageing Infrastructure - More than a bump in the road

November 16, 2018

Prompted by the horrific pictures from the Genoa Bridge collapse a few months ago, Willis Towers Watson’s Barry Gibbs and Joanne Foley consider the wider implications of the tragedy for those that build and maintain our infrastructure networks and the hidden concerns around ageing infrastructure.

For over 50 years, the Morandi Bridge carried commuters, families, tourists and freight along the A10 motorway across the Polcevera River in Genoa. On 14 August 2018, 43 people tragically lost their lives when a section of the bridge collapsed.

The tragic loss of life here and at other incidents in recent years ths a spotlight on the evolving risks and complex liability chains associated with economic infrastructure. These risks stretch beyond business interruption and property damage to legal liabilities, reputational damage and possible corporate manslaughter.

Whether infrastructure forms part of your investment portfolio - or is your responsibility to construct, operate and maintain - it is essential that you fully understand your risks.

In this paper we look at the key issues in risk management and insurance which can assist you in identifying, managing and mitigating your risks.

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