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Total Rewards Strategy

Modern Total Rewards programmes start with the right strategy. We can help you invest strategically in rewards that have the biggest impact on people and deliver the best financial return, enabling employees to thrive and your organisation to prosper.

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Are you looking to develop more compelling Total Rewards programmes that engage your people in a better talent experience and power your organisation’s success? We can help you approach Total Rewards from a strategic perspective, identifying the rewards that employees value most across the entire spectrum of possibilities and using the resulting insights to develop an integrated, truly “Total” Rewards portfolio.

We emphasise an approach to strategy development and delivery that treats employees as consumers and includes all Total Rewards elements:

  • Pay: Addressing global and region-specific pay challenges; balancing fixed and variable pay, aligning pay to the external market and to support gender equity, legislative change and the rapidly evolving landscape of work
  • Benefits: Optimising the benefit portfolio, financing, delivery and employee experience to meet evolving talent and organisational needs
  • Careers: Transitioning from career management to career enablement through agile, personalised experiences that optimise organisational and individual needs
  • Wellbeing: Addressing the full wellbeing spectrum: physical, emotional, social and financial challenges and opportunities

We will work with you to analyse your business strategy, plan and performance, among other items, and combine these with market and employee insights to inform your Total Rewards philosophy, strategy and subsequent design and implementation decisions. 

Once the desired future state of Total Rewards is established, it is possible to define a Total Rewards approach for different talent segments (e.g. critical talent) and develop a differentiated Total Rewards portfolio and talent experience for those segments.

A Total Rewards strategy can help organisations vary their spend and allocation of their total budget in line with business needs and financial constraints. At the same time, employers can better align rewards with employee preferences to get the best value, promote specific behaviours and drive higher productivity.

The right strategy can help you reimagine your Total Rewards portfolio, inspiring your workforce and fueling the growth of your organisation.

Leader in total rewards is 2 times more likely to have defined a formal Total Rewards philosophy and to customise Total Rewards for different work segments and is more than 2 times as likely to financially outperform their peers.

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