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WTW at Airmic Conference 2022 -Prepare, Protect, Pioneer

How you can navigate volatility, build a resilient workforce and seize new opportunities through insight and analytics? At Airmic Conference 2022, WTW aims to show you.

Our sessions and demos uncover the ways you can better prepare, protect and pioneer against the backdrop of climate-related risk, the ongoing global pandemic and economic uncertainty.

Connect with WTW to understand how to harness future-looking risk analysis and management to thrive in the face of increasingly complex business risk, changing workplace dynamics, interconnectivity and the growing pressure around quantification.

We look forward to sharing our insight, and seeing you, at Airmic Conference 2022.

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Panel discussions

Managing supply chain disruption

How can supply chain disruption be managed in this age of interconnected digital risks?

Tuesday 7 June, 11:15AM – 12:15PM

Gary Lynch, WTW supply chain lead presents on this panel. Threat of cyber-attack, resource challenges, geopolitics, and the rising cost and scarcity of components, to name but a few, are putting extreme pressure on global and local supply chains. Gary Lynch, supply chain specialist at WTW, joins a panel of experts to discuss the current crisis and debate how in this age of interconnected digital risks disruption can be managed to build more resilient supply chains.

Airmic Hub sessions

Airmic ESG Hub – Climate risk

Five ways risk managers can own the climate conversation.

Wednesday 8 June, 11:15 - 11:35

Risk managers have a huge opportunity to shape their organisations’ immediate and strategic response to climate-related risk. This TED-style session delivers your five-point plan to lead climate-driven change by exposing the risks and uncovering the opportunities and, crucially, communicating both in ways your board will want to hear.

Airmic Learning Hub – Emerging risks

Directors’ Liability: Emerging risks and new approaches.

Tuesday 7 June, 14:15- 14:45

The 2022 WTW Annual Directors’ Liability Survey adds some notable new risks to the more traditional set risk managers will be familiar with. This session explores how directors’ liability risk is evolving and how directors and risk managers can best equip themselves in this dynamic landscape. Just how different do risk management approaches need to be now?

Airmic Learning Hub – Underwriting

Good reputation: Lessons on weathering brand damage storms from major corporates.

Wednesday 8 June, 13:30- 14:00

What can we take away from how major corporates limit the damage to their brands and revenues when facing reputational threats? Using insight from a recent reputation risk survey of more than 500 of the world’s largest companies, we explore how they predict, quantify and mitigate the damage of reputation events.

Airmic Learning Hub – Supply chain

How to build global supply chain resilience.

Tuesday 7 June, 14:15- 14:45

To support understanding around the supply chain risks facing our communities, society and economy, Futureset is leading a new research programme in partnership with WTW and Lloyd’s Launchpad members to spark innovation, build understanding and drive forward resilience solutions. The session will present the innovative research from across the insurance ecosystem. To set the context, delegates will be briefed on research undertaken by WTW on the risk landscape for the food and drink sector, with a specific focus on supply chain.

Women in Business

WTW and Rushton International Women in Business Networking Lunch

Falling in love with change.

Monday 6 June, 13:00 – 14:30 PM

Join WTW and Rushton International for our Women in Business networking Lunch.

This year, our guest speaker will be with us to offer an inspirational guide for women and men who want to find ways to deal with change in their personal and professional lives.


WTW demonstrations: Driving decisions with diagnostics and quantification

WTW works to drive superior outcomes for businesses through enhanced, strategic understandings of risk, from coverage-specific quantification to holistic, portfolio-level engagement and diagnostics.

Our aim is to use data and analytics to ensure we’re not simply a broker with analytics, but ‘The Analytical Broker’.

To understand how we can support the quality of your decision-making with diagnostics and quantification, visit us at the WTW (101) for a demonstration and to find out more. Alternatively, contact Kyle Roper to book one or all of the following demos in advance:

  1. 01

    Climate Diagnostic

    Visualise the potential risks climate change could pose to your assets while identifying the possible opportunities.

    TCFD Reporting

    A simple and convenient way to create your TCFD Physical Risk Reports.

  2. 02

    Supply chain

    Visualise relationships between suppliers and assets, plus their exposures to physical perils, including terrorism.

  3. 03

    Property Quantified

    Quantify your global property loss potential from both catastrophe-driven and non-cat perils.

  4. 04

    Global Peril Diagnostic

    Gain a concise and compelling global assessment of your natural perils.

  5. 05

    Risk Tolerance Clarified

    A collaborative financial analysis tool that gives a clear view of risk resilience across an organisation. It provides a specific statement of risk tolerance to align risk management decisions with an organisation's financial strategy.

  6. 06

    Cyber Quantified

    Evaluate your complete cyber loss potential with decision support to optimise risk management strategies.

  7. 07

    Dynamic TCOR

    Strategically analyse risk across all coverages to evaluate your insurance portfolio holistically.

  8. 08

    Trade Credit Quantified

    Using our new risk and analytical model ‘Trade Risk Quantified’ to help your identify and understand your trade credit risk.

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