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How can Secure Income assets have an impact in the community?


March 2, 2022

Some examples based in the UK that play a role in people’s everyday lives
Secure Income examples in the UK

Tour a map of the UK to see how these investments play a role in people's everyday lives

Secure income assets are income-generating real asset investments that offer attractive liability-matching characteristics, and help you compete for traditional (and increasingly scarce) inflation-linked assets such as inflation-linked gilts. There is also the opportunity to make a real life impact in the community, and we demonstrate a few examples here.

Our Secure Income solution is just one of the many that we provide. This has been designed with institutional investors in mind, and to fit into a wider portfolio.

For more information on each of the assets featured, and the wider solution, please complete the form on the right hand side.


Duncan Hale
Portfolio Manager

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