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Future of Insurance Report

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March 29, 2021

Willis Towers Watson is pleased to be included in a special report on the future of insurance published by Raconteur Media in the Times.

Raconteur interviews Willis Towers Watson on new reputational risk management solution

Here is a short preview of the interview with Garret Gaughan, Head of the Global Markets P&C Hub at Willis Towers Watson:

To read the full article, download the report and see page 17 for the Q&A interview titled 'How To Protect Your Good Name'.

Other special features included within the report from third parties include:

How will travel take off again?

As the UK government debates whether to relax restrictions on travelling abroad for holidays and business this summer, the travel insurance industry is firmly focused on how it will bounce back from 12 months of pain.

Insurance firms turn up the dial on digitalisation

After playing catch-up on innovation, insurers can now embrace artificial intelligence to define new standards of customer experience and business performance.

Why partnerships are the future of insurance

As the world prepares for a post-COVID recovery, Insuretech Insights' Kristoffer Lundberg and Bradley Collins lay out their vision for the future of the industry.

Embracing digital transformation

Around the world and across industry, the coronavirus pandemic has acted as a catalyst for digital transformation projects.

In mere weeks, many organisations have accomplished transformations that they had projected to take years, shifting operations online and implementing new technologies at speed.

Tackling the talent crisis in insurance

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how insurance can operate in a new way and excel, and it must now capitalise on new opportunities or risk losing out on a generation of talent.

How to combat insurance fraudsters

With the coronavirus pandemic sparking a sudden rise in fraud, as criminals and opportunists exploit the crisis, insurers are finding ever more sophisticated and collaborative ways to fight back.

Embracing innovation to cover new risks

When it comes to product innovation, insurers have a reputation for being innately risk averse. But could making calculated bets on product innovation capture clients’ imaginations and tap hidden budgets?


Some of the information in this report has been compiled from third party sources, we do not guarantee and are not responsible for the accuracy of such. The views expressed are not necessarily those of Willis Towers Watson.

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