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From survey event to listening strategy: capture the value of employee opinion

July 2016

Based on in-depth conversations with clients and subject matter experts, we have identified 12 fundamental goals that companies seek to achieve by formally collecting employee opinion.
Talent|Employee Engagement

Not that long ago, most companies relied exclusively on an annual survey as their sole means of gathering employee opinion on important workplace topics. Today, there are a seemingly limitless number of alternative options, fueled by the combination of advances in technology, a desire to mirror consumer-grade user experience, and a promise of big data/artificial intelligence power and insights.

Quarterly, monthly and even daily polls are now possible, along with always-on tools, exit/onboarding surveys and a broad range of qualitative/unstructured alternatives (e.g., online collaboration platforms, social media sites).

12 fundamental goals that companies seek to achieve by formally collecting employee opinion

  1. Measure and improve company culture/climate.
  2. Measure and increase employee engagement and its drivers.
  3. Inform the design and rollout of companywide programs (e.g., rewards, career development).
  4. Demonstrate that leaders care about employee experiences and opinions.
  5. Monitor and address employee sentiment/well-being.
  6. Monitor and enhance team effectiveness.
  7. Gauge reactions to discrete organizational changes (e.g., restructuring).
  8. Assess progress on a particular company goal or initiative (e.g., to improve innovation).
  9. Improve employee onboarding (e.g., accelerating time to full productivity).
  10. Better understand and reduce employee turnover.
  11. Expose problems and concerns early on, before they escalate and become worse.
  12. Surface novel suggestions on how to improve business performance.

While there has been much attention paid recently to what can be done, we believe attention needs to turn to what should be done. This paper answers that need. In it, we classify the broad set of solutions that exist today and how they can be most intelligently combined to form a comprehensive listening strategy that will provide the most value. Learn how to create an effective listening strategy using a variety of employee insight tools in order to improve your return on investment and ultimately, business performance.

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