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P&I Marine

A triangular approach for utmost risk control & managing cost in the persisting hard market


By Per Tore Svendsrud and Henry Carrat | May 19, 2021

We navigate you expertly through the hardening market, ensuring optimisation of cost in protecting your assets and P&L.

Our decades of strong experience with trace of our history back to the XIX century in the maritime industry often comes to the fore when looking to benefit from a Club’s comprehensive panel of services in the face of major and constantly evolving financial risks.

In these challenging times we are happy to introduce you to our triangular approach of Clients’ Liabilities, P&I Clubs and Willis Towers Watson.

We dive into P&I using our innovative, technological tools together with our powerful market share to help you optimize risk management and reduce your cost of risks.

You will find out more on our specific approach with our factsheet below.

Should you have any questions or further interest, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Executive Director, Marine & Energy (Oil & Gas)

Account Director, CRB Romandie

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