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Culture change for climate change: Incentivizing climate resilience

Learn how organizations can incentivize climate objectives.

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Climate Risk and Resilience

By Don Delves , Shai Ganu and John M. Bremen | June 25, 2021

Our experts and an institutional investor share insights about how to align and incentivize corporate and executive behaviors with climate transition priorities.

Amid growing calls from governments, regulators, investors and other stakeholders, organizations are facing increasing pressure to incorporate climate considerations into their business strategy, operations and financial disclosures. In this webcast replay, we’ll share new and emerging perspectives on how to align corporate and executive behaviors with climate transition priorities.

The session begins with host Don Delves in conversation with Shai Ganu on current trends in climate-related executive governance and compensation. An interview will follow with Jacques Croteau, Vice President, HR Expertise and Advisory Services at major institutional investor, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), on their climate change journey, and the policies CDPQ is implementing to incentivize their climate objectives. Willis Towers Watson’s John Bremen will conclude with a discussion on connecting the dots between climate-focused human capital management practices and sustainable value creation.

Climate transition and climate resilience are some of the biggest issues facing companies, societies and humanity at large. A company’s people are its biggest advocates and enablers of climate strategy, and we know what gets rewarded gets done. We are seeing a lot of our clients putting in incentive plans and specific reward mechanisms to encourage management teams and the entire organization to decarbonize the company.”

Shai Ganu | Willis Towers Watson

Managing Director, Executive Compensation and Board Advisory Practice Leader - North America (Chicago)

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