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Health Rating Manuals and Software

HealthMAPS is your road map for disciplined decision making, providing you with timely and relevant health industry information.

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HealthMAPS® health rating manuals and corresponding software are comprehensive resources that contain the information necessary for rating a complete range of health products whether they’re used as primary rating tools or for relative pricing factors.

About HealthMAPS

Reliable data, experienced guides and a good compass are needed to maneuver through the health insurance business. HealthMAPS is your road map for disciplined decision making, providing you with timely and relevant health industry information. With over 50 years of expertise, Willis Towers Watson is eminently qualified to support the industry with manuals, analytical tools and product surveys.

Comprehensive and easy to use, HealthMAPS includes rating manuals and software for medical, dental, prescription drugs, state-mandated benefits, and specific and aggregate stop-loss. HealthMAPS stop-loss and dental surveys allow you to determine and evaluate competitive positioning with customized reports.

Over 200 companies have relied on HealthMAPS as their primary source of rating information or for a confirmation and expansion of their existing database. The components of HealthMAPS can be purchased separately or in groups, providing direction and support to your decision-making process.

Successfully reach your destination

In the health industry, mapping your course with accurate, current and easy-to-use information is critical for success. Willis Towers Watson consultants use HealthMAPS — and you should too!

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HealthMAPS® LIVE – our new web-based platform

Introducing our new web-based platform software which includes all the standard features of HealthMAPS® software. HealthMAPS® LIVE provides you additional features that enhance access and user interface:

  • Better accessibility from anywhere through the internet
  • Batch processing capabilities for large-scale production
  • Administrative controls on user management
  • Enhanced reporting exports
HealthMAPS — fast, easy, reliable health rating tools that help you excel

Rate competitiveness is essential in a rapidly changing health industry, and HealthMAPS is your guide to navigate this transformation. Fast and easy to use, the HealthMAPS online platform offers better accessibility, updated export features and time-saving properties that will help you do your job better. Learn more about this performance solution.

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