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Asset Manager Update – March 2018


March 27, 2018

Willis Towers Watson’s Research team has prepared a summary of the key trends and activities observed in 2017 and their plans for 2018 for the asset management community.

The Willis Towers Watson Research team has always focused on finding differentiated investment solutions uniquely suited to our clients’ needs. With Willis Towers Watson researchers’ tireless efforts, we have built deep and differentiated knowledge of the global asset management industry and forged relationships with a great number of asset management organisations, including those whom we have entrusted with our clients’ capital.

We use a variety of channels to communicate with the asset management community, including data collection, calls, meetings, conferences, industry events and white papers. The objectives of this communication are manifold: ensuring we always know who are the most skilful and differentiated investment teams in our industry, sharing our thinking on which trends we see among our clients, which solutions are likely to be more in demand and exchanging ideas how we can work together to change our industry for the better for the benefit of the end saver. This year we thought we would try something a bit different and prepare a summary of the key trends and activities we observed in 2017 and our plans for 2018.

As always, we would like to hear your feedback and new ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

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