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Total Rewards Check-Up

Relevant, engaging Total Rewards programs help employees thrive and organizations prosper. Is it time to take a fresh look at the design and delivery of your Total Rewards portfolio and uncover opportunities to improve your return on this significant investment?

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For most companies, the combined expense of Total Rewards programs represents the largest single cost in their annual operating budget. Effectively managing Total Rewards can be daunting and expensive – but we understand how to help ensure your programs meet the complex needs of your business and the individual needs of your employees. Getting Total Rewards right is a powerful ambition – one that we share with you and can help you realize.

Our Total Rewards Check-up can help connect you with critical information about your current portfolio – revealing what may be holding you back from achieving the biggest positive impact for your people and demonstrating the best value for money.

Here are five quick questions to help you determine whether your Total Rewards program is in need of some fine-tuning:

  1. When was the last time your organization undertook a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of its Total Rewards programs?
  2. Are you confident that your company is maximizing its return on this significant investment?
  3. Does the current portfolio align with and reinforce your company’s business strategy?
  4. Does it reinforce your company’s desired culture?
  5. Do you have effective supporting tools and processes in place to ensure effective delivery?

If these questions prompt you to review your program, our Total Rewards Check-Up may provide the additional perspective you’re looking for.

This assessment includes two components:

  • The Total Reward Temperature Check: This consists of a short, online quiz that asks questions about the strategy, design and delivery of your Total Rewards programs. You will receive a personalized scorecard via email providing brief feedback on the current state of Total Rewards at your organization as compared to best practice.
  • Total Rewards Diagnostic: This is a deeper dive analytics-based assessment of the current state of your Total Rewards portfolio. Data is gathered to develop insights from various perspectives, including the workforce, leadership and business plan performance. Our diagnostic identifies the largest gaps in the design and delivery of your programs vs. best practice, and helps chart a data-driven path forward – prioritizing the programs in your portfolio that deliver the highest ROI.

Our Total Rewards Check-Up will help modernize your programs for today’s workforce while optimizing your investment, thus enabling both employees and the organization to grow and thrive.

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