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Request a Demo of Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software

Inadequate technology can make getting compensation right a significant challenge

Explore how Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software can take the pain out of complex pay decisions with a brief, no-commitment discovery meeting with a Compensation Software expert.

During your 45-min call, you can expect:

  • A brief demo of the unique and compelling features of our software
  • Time for your questions
  • Questions about your current compensation process and technology

Why Willis Towers Watson Compensation Software?

From job evaluation to survey submission, and everything in between, we bring a powerful combination of market leading data, enterprise strength technology and industry expertise to your pay programs giving you everything you need to get compensation right for your organization including:

  1. Cutting-edge compensation data

    Access and manage your compensation survey data from Willis Towers Watson. Manage and blend all your survey sources and survey matches on an annual basis.

  2. Precise benchmarking

    Assess competitive compensation levels for all your benchmark jobs. Analyze and interpret multiple sources of compensation survey data. Pay the right amount for top talent and critical roles.

  3. Innovative program design capabilities

    Design competitive compensation structures for your organization by leveraging competitive market data and your internal approach to job leveling. Model the potential cost implications of new or modified designs and conduct merit increase analyses to facilitate compensation planning.

  4. Powerful analytics and reporting

    Visualize compensation data from multiple dimensions to identify opportunities to be more competitive. Develop management-ready reports that enable leaders to quickly obtain the insights they need to make smart compensation decisions.

  5. Internal job leveling

    Organize/level jobs internally using a common methodology. Ensure consistency across your organization and alignment to the external market. Combine competitive market data with your job leveling results to support the design and governance of a consistent, relevant and defensible career framework.

Getting compensation right is hard. We make it easy.


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